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Prolonged Extracorporeal Oxygenation for Acute Post-Traumatic Respiratory Failure (Shock-Lung Syndrome) — Use of the Bramson Membrane Lung

List of authors.
  • J. Donald Hill, M.D.,
  • Thomas G. O'Brien, M.D.,
  • James J. Murray, M.D.,
  • Leon Dontigny, M.D.,
  • M. L. Bramson, A.C.G.I.,
  • J. J. Osborn, M.D.,
  • and F. Gerbode, M.D.

Funding and Disclosures

Aided in part by a grant (HE 06311) from the U.S. Public Health Service.

We are indebted to Drs. B. J. Drury, J. C. Carey, E. J. Jahnke, D. F. Sweeney, W. A. Rack, H. Meisel, and S. M. Horvath, to Robert H. Bartlett, of the University of California at Irvine, to the Intensive Care Unit nurses and staff, and to the surgical residents on service, Drs. J. D. Dorman, H. Orlett, A. Stalheim and H. Rose.

Author Affiliations

From the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Presbyterian Hospital, and the Heart Research Institute, Institute of Medical Sciences, Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, and the departments of Surgery and Medicine, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, Santa Barbara, Cal. (address reprint requests to Dr. Hill at the Pacific Medical Center, 2200 Webster St., Room 305, San Francisco, Cal. 94115).

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